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SJLUG must reconsider meeting plan -- need suggestions as for place/possibly time!!!



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Okay....well, as some of you may know, the meetings have not been a huge success. right now it appears as though we have a 'user base' of say...6 or so people, who can't always make other words, not enough ;)
so...I suppose much of this is due to lack of any advertisement...we'll have to utilize news groups, etc. -- perhaps even plug ourselves at other local meetings a little bit...any ideas? I'd love to hear them..
And as for the meeting place....looks like maybe its harder to find people in the food court than I had expected, we've already had at least one reported incidence of such (check the guestbook...arg..) not to mention that i don't know how the mall staff would take it if the meeting ever developed into a large group, etc. etc...So basically, it looks like it'd be a good idea to have a different meeting place and possibly a different time as well. Hopefully soon I'll have an IRC room or something (#sjlug...just dunno what server, etc.) any ideas? I'd like to hear from anyone who is interested, I need some input on this one. Online/Offline meetings could be arranged to plan where/when SJLUG can be.. or if it simply can't be...In my head I'm rolling around the ideas of meeting at either a Barnes and Noble, a library, or maybe a college...but of course that's assuming that any of those places would have us ;)...
So the bottom line is, Drop Me A Line...I need some help on this one ;) Thanks.. --qumak(james)

Well I don't have too much to say as of yet, so I'll make it short and simple...
I am attempting to start a South Jersey Linux User Group in the interest of peoples from/near South Jersey... Mostly because the only other things around are the Philly 2600 Meetings and the Philadelphia Linux User Group.
So heres the scoop on the meetings, and please, contact me if you have any better ideas...
!!!MAY BE CHANGED!!!The meetings are the second Thursday of every month at/around 5:30 to 9:00 at the Deptford Mall FoodCourt (Yes the website has directions, and there are some busses to the mall in south jersey..)
What to look for?
Well, just look for a bunch of geeks in the foodcourt, shouldn't be too hard to find...!!!!!!
here are some pictures of us (and if you come, it'd be nice if you brought a picture for us to scan or emailed us a picture, so that we, as a group, may be more easily identified.)

If you have any suggestions about anything, such as meeting times/dates/places/etc. and/or website tips, presentations, or contributions or just to share a piece of your mind, write me at or my ICQ #92546562.
Well, thanks for stopping by!! Hope to see ya at the meetings! ;)
GNU/LINUX est notre Dieu, SJLUG est l'eglise!